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To meet the needs of several sectors from all around the world, we provide various kinds of products which can be useful in many ways. They are all made in Madagascar and are collected from different places that are located on the island. Besides the fact that they are organic and that some of them have health benefits, uniqueness, and authenticity are the main values they convey.

On the one hand, we can find products that promote physical (body, skin, hair, …) and mental well-being. Indeed, we have various kinds of essential oils: Helicrhyse (or Helichrysum bracteiferum, Helichrysum gymnocephalum), ginger, geranium, Famonty, Mandravasarotra, niaouli. Their use can be helpful to sectors whose activities involve developing aromatherapy, cosmetics, flavor, and fragrance. Then, we have dried fruits: mango, banana, and pokpok, … These would benefit companies, big and small, that belong to the food industry: restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, and distributors, … We also have different kinds of honey which could be purchased for consumption (daily use, recipes), cosmetic (skin products, hair products, …) or medical use (traditional medicine). They are made from various kinds of flowers: litchi, niaouli, mokaragna, and cactus. Another product of ours that also have value for both food and cosmetic fields is our spices: vanilla, clove, cocoa, cinnamon, curcuma, and ginger. In fact, besides adding flavor to food, their primary function is to provide aroma, texture, and color. As for their secondary properties, they are preservative, nutritive, and healthy.

On the other hand, we have products that are intended to be eye-pleasing, to bring joy and positive vibes as we contemplate them. They are mainly used for decorative purposes, thus, they may attract any organizations that are working in the fields of decorative arts. We can supply handicrafts that are made from horns. Furthermore, we can also meet any demand for petrified wood (fossil).

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