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Welcome to BFF’s international website, your exclusive source for authentic products from Madagascar. Explore our unique collection, inspired by the cultural richness of the island. Immerse yourself in the exoticism of Madagascar and let BFF’s treasures captivate your senses


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The “made in Madagascar” (food, art, …) has long been coveted for its authenticity and uniqueness. Demands expressed by people, companies, and countries from all around the world keep on increasing due to the country’s reputation. Thus, to meet those needs, we provide organic products made in Madagascar. They are unique, rare, and authentic; some are even recommended for their health benefits. In fact, on the one hand, through the following, we help in promoting physical (body, skin, hair, …) and mental well-being: essential oils, dried fruits, honey, and spices. On the other hand, we can assist those who belong to the fields of decorative arts by providing “objet d’art” or handicrafts, and petrified wood. In addition, please note that fine cocoa and bourbon vanilla are our flagship products.

While our head office is located in Diego, our suppliers can be found in several places such as Antsirabe, Moramanga, … These latter’s interests matter to us. Indeed, we do not only focus on meeting the international needs mentioned above, we also care about the people thanks to whom we can provide such good products. Therefore, through our activities, we also aim to abide by the fair trade principles. On another note, we care for the welfare of society and the environment. Our daily decisions are therefore made in such a way that would not neglect or harm but, on the contrary, benefit and protect them.


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At BFF, we are the ultimate choice for international customers seeking unique experiences. Discover why we are your best option

Extraordinary Products

Immerse yourself in a world of wonders with our selection of pure essential oils, exotic dried fruits, one-of-a-kind art pieces, exotic spices, silicified wood, and tropical honey. Each product embodies the essence of Madagascar, offering an unparalleled experience

High-quality products

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every item. We carefully select products of exceptional quality, meeting the highest standards, to ensure your complete satisfaction

Team of experts and passionate people

Our dedicated team has an in-depth knowledge of Madagascar's treasures. Their local expertise guides you in choosing the most suitable products, providing you with a rewarding and unique experience. Join XA now for an exceptional journey with our extraordinary products and our passionate team

BFF is committed to

To meet the needs of several sectors from all around the world, we provide various kinds of products which can be useful in many ways. They are all made in Madagascar and are collected from different places that are located on the island. Besides the fact that they are organic and that some of them have health benefits, uniqueness, and authenticity are the main values they convey.

Dried fruits

Discover our exquisite dried fruits, an explosion of concentrated flavors. Rich in nutrients, they add an exotic touch to your healthy snacks.


Delve into the captivating world of spices: cocoa, green pepper, red pepper, black pepper, clove, and cinnamon. Let these natural flavors awaken your taste buds with an exceptional culinary experience.

Silicified wood

Uncover the enchantment of silicified wood, an exquisite treasure from Madagascar. Its unique fusion of wood and minerals offers a fascinating natural beauty, bringing an element of elegance and authenticity to your space.

Piece of art

Explore our unique art objects, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of Madagascar. Each piece tells a captivating cultural story, ready to enhance your space with elegance.

Essential oil

Embark on a journey through our pure essential oils, including helichrysum, ginger, geranium, famonty, mandravasarotra, and niaouli. Let yourself be captivated by these precious natural essences.


BFF honey is a natural product harvested by local beekeepers from endemic flowers, offering a unique flavor and distinctive floral aroma

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"What really impressed me about this dried mixed fruits of Madagascar was the quality of the ingredients. You could tell that only the freshest, ripest fruits had been used, and that great care had been taken to preserve their natural flavors and aromas. Every bite was like a celebration of the goodness of nature."

Ezra Consumer

"I am thoroughly impressed by the company's ability to expertly blend various fruits to achieve a truly exceptional flavor profile. The resulting product is perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness. It is evident that a great deal of care and attention to detail has been put into creating this outstanding product."

Harentsoa Consumer

"I'm seduced by the aloe vera candied. Not too sweet, I recommended it for the diabetic person."

Misaina Consumer


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